Agafay Desert Day Trip From Marrakech


Escape the bustling, lively Marrakesh for a day and discover “agafay” desert’s rolling dunes simply (40 km) outdoors of the town. Weave by the sand-ridges through a quad

journey by the desert atop a camel, and catch a glimpse of Berber villages: “agafay” desert encompasses actions and sights for all sorts of vacationers

Our Agafay Desert Day Trip From Marrakech could also be briefbut it surely offers you an opportunity to marvel at the numerous surroundings spanning morocco’s yardin your method

 you’ll thoughts by the towering excessive atlas mountains, and also you’ll watch the panorama fade from a vibrant inexperienced to brown and yellow tones.



THIS IS THE ITINERARY OF Agafay Desert Day Trip From Marrakech:

marrakech - agafay desert

On our Agafay Desert Day Trip From Marrakech, your driver will pick you up from your hotel or airport or train or bus in the morning from Marrakesh, you will start the tour around 8:00 a.m. Agafay Desert Day Trip From Marrakech will give you the chance to enjoy the calm of the rura area “Takerkoust lake” and agafay desert. 

the rout is shaded by lush vegetation, olive, and orange orchards and passes through the occasional village of “ait lmour” from where we will go off-road and driving through a completely different sight of stone desert .barren light brown plateaux, Bedouin village, oasis then high hills with panoramic views on the high atlas. 

the locals call it “agafay desert”: this might as well be the Sahara as the feeling of solitude and complete isolation is similar. the land seems to stretch out forever as the impression of being completely disconnected from civilization takes shape. 

for the next couple of hours, we are submerged in this immensity undisturbed by any sign of life. civilization finds us again under the shape of a few adobe houses, where we can sample a tea with the locals or experience trekking by camel. 

A few hours later small patches of green will start to show and not long after you’ll be back on the tarmac roadside lined by the old eucalyptus trees. 

You’ll reach the edge of the “Lalla Takerkoust” lake built as a dam where Marrakesh gets its electricity from through small hills along the dam you will get to the “N’fis valley” crossing Berber villages and arrive at a Berber family house. 

You can visit the house and we’ll have to enjoy lunch inside, with a stunning view over the lake and for those looking for a rush of adrenaline. 

After lunch, there will be the option to hike for (2 hours) with a local guide and climbing for an hour to visit one of the oldest villages in the foothill of the biggest forest of the atlas mountains following the visit of traditional olive oil presser 

You’ll glide between olive trees and terraced field to the only one house next to “N’fis river” from where your trip will continue to “ouiragan” via the forest, traditional salt pools before getting to “asni” and “kasbah tamadot”

in the heart of this lush area covered with apple, cherry, and plum orchards sending out their harvest into the city, a very important Berber market is held on every Saturday where producers bring fruit, vegetables, and livestock to sell, almost every village has one a specific day of the week. 

after that, we’ll have a wonderful time to enjoy watching stunning panoramic views and taktakingotos on “Toubkal” the highest peak in North Africa, then you will pass small villages with their mud-brick adobe houses greet your eyes sight, stacked into the hillside or lining the watercourse shaded by the palm grove. 

the river gives place to the canyons and gorges and the local Berber granary the silence of the valley, past “Tahannaout” before you get to Marrakesh, where our Agafay Desert Day Trip From Marrakech end.


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