Morocco Desert Camel Trekking Merzouga


on this unforgettable activity Camel Trekking Merzougayou will take pleasure in yourself with us, it is a memorable activity you will always remember in your life. 

you’ll begin from Marrakech or Fes cross the Atlas mountains, we’ll attain the Merzouga desert Erg Chebbi, you will have overnight in your hotel/riad/camp you’ll meet our staff

we’ll guide you to discover the deep Erg Chebbi desert by walking and spend nights under the stars and benefit from the night time with candlelight as the traditional Berber nomad has done for generations. 

we’ll begin our trekking in a safe way with a professional guide team …..



THIS IS THE ITINERARY OF Morocco desert Camel Trekking Merzouga:

Merzouga Desert Erg Chebbi - Discover Erg Chebbi Sahara

The Morocco hiking tour is real trekking looking for a unique experience in morocco. Camel Trekking Merzouga is like nowhere else, and the desert truly makes for a slow travel experience, Camel Trekking Merzouga offers a real sense of space and remoteness, especially when witnessed from the tops of the vast dune fields

We’ll guide you to explore the deep Erg Chebbi desert by walking and spending nights under the stars and enjoying the night with candlelight as the ancient Berber nomad has done for generations. desert hiking is the legend, and sitting astride a camel as the sun sets over the golden sand dunes of the Sahara desert of erg Chebbi is surely the best way to hike. 

We’ll cross the desert for about (4 or 5 hours) a day. we’ll stop for a break to enjoy lunch in a  nomadic camp with time to relax with some mint tea. afterward, we’ll hike up some trails to enjoy watching a stunning sunset over the golden sand dunes and wonderful panoramic views at the summit of the dunes after that a delicious Berber dinner and enjoy an amazing campfire party with drums and Berber songs, watching a sky full of bright stars. 

We’ll spend each night in different Berber camps throughout the dunes. Camel Trekking Merzouga in morocco is possible from (October to April), but the best time to go is from (December through February) 

daytime temperature is pleasant (20°-25°C)and the sun is not as strong as during the rest of the year spring is a wonderful event in the desert and reaches in late (February or March), bringing the amazing sight of flowering plants to the base of the sand dunes, sandstorms can happen anytime but are most common towards the end of (March and into April).

We’ll camp in the desert for the following (3 nights). hiking in the daytime to carry luggage and supplies. It’s hard to go anywhere in town without seeing the dunes of erg Chebbi towering on the horizon, if you are short on time or want a room with a view

and you don’t mind sharing the desert with groups of fellow travelers, then Merzouga is the place to go where our Camel Trekking Merzouga dunes activity.


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