High Atlas Mountains Day Trip From Marrakech


The Atlas Mountains are a mountain range in the Maghreb. It separates the Medetirannen and Atlantic coastlines from the Sahara Desert. It stretches around 2,500 km (1,600 mi) through Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. 

The range’s highest peak is Toubkal, which is in southwestern Morocco, with an elevation of (4,167 meters) (13,671 ft). The Atlas mountains are primarily inhabited by Berber populations. The terms for ‘mountain’ are Adrar and adras in some Berber languages. 

These terms are believed to be cognates of the toponym Atlas. The mountains are also home to a number of animals and plants which are mostly found within Africa but some of which can be found in Europe. 

Many of these species are safe and a few are already extinct. High Atlas Mountains Day Trip From Marrakech, you’ll discover the high mountains in north Africa …..



THIS IS THE ITINERARY OF High Atlas Mountains Day Trip From Marrakech:

marrakech - high atlas mountains

Our High Atlas Mountains Day Trip From Marrakech. your full-day excursion to the high atlas mountains will start at 8 am. we’ll pick you up from your accommodation in Marrakesh. we’ll travel towards the high atlas mountains via “tahnaouet” ( local market on Tuesdays), “valley Ghighaya”, “Moulay Brahim gorge”s and “asni”,

one of the towns of the high atlas, offers a peaceful element to your moroccan holiday, a small town, just (45 minutes) south of Marrakesh, “asni” has grown up at a crossroads on the edge of the high atlas, and is a good point from which to access walks on the kik plateau well known for a carpet of alpine spring flowers

it has a souk on Saturdays, as the first point of call from Marrakesh, it is often busy with tourists and the hassle that goes with them, it is best known for sir “Richard Branson’s” nearby luxury hotel “Kasbah tamadot” then between terraced fields of vegetables, fruits trees walnuts and cherries 

We’ll arrive “imlil” (1740m), a favorite hitching post for mountain trekkers, “Imlil” is just a five-hour hike from the base of “jabel Toubkal”, and in spring you won’t want to miss waking up in these flowering high atlas foothills. 

You’ll welcome by a local guide with a cup of mint tea. then riding mules or hiking through Berber villages (Ait souka , Targa Imoula , Tagadirte ).after that we’ll pass by a waterfall before climbing to the armed village (1900m). 

a tiny Berber village located at the heart of Toubkal National park. famous for its splendid views of Toubkal mountain peak is the highest point (4165m) in morocco and in atlas mountains, the peak is situated (60km) south of Marrakesh in the high Atlas (Haut Atlas)

juniper forests covering the mountain’s higher slopes are succeeded by alpine meadows, whereas the lower slopes have been extensively overgrazed the peak is the central attraction of Toubkal national park, an area noted for its winter skiing and summer hiking

We’ll have lunch and a break at Berber family with a stunning view of the highest peak in North Africa Toubkal (4165m), after a delicious Berber lunch served by a host family in a village.

Afterward, we’ll explore the village one o the oldest in massif .then go back down by the western way overlooking the “Ait Mizan valley” ancient irrigated terraced fields, later, we’ll drive back to Marrakech where our High Atlas Mountains Day Trip From Marrakech end.


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